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N = 21; = co-first authorship; * = corresponding author; ** = undergraduate mentee

In Press

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Peer-Reviewed Conference Proceedings (N = 1)


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Publications Under Review or Revise and Resubmit (N = 5)

Braden, A., Anderson, L., Ferrell, E., Redondo, R., Grant, J., & Barnhart, W. R. (Current Editorial Status: With Editor, 02/25/2021). An open trial examining dialectical behavior therapy skills and behavioral weight loss for adults with emotional eating and overweight/obesity. Cognitive and Behavioral Practice. [I.F. = 2.096]

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Publications In Preparation (N = 9)

Angoff, H. D., Barnhart, W. R., McGraw, J. S., & Docherty, M. (In Preparation). Bullying and cyberbullying among LGBQ youth: Examining intersectionality with latent class analysis.

*Barnhart, W. R., Kalantzis, M. A., & Braden, A. L. (In Preparation). Self-reported emotional eating in clinical and non-clinical disordered eating: A meta-analysis and psychometric review. Submit to International Journal of Eating Disorders. [I.F. = 3.668]

Barnhart, W. R., Pratt, M., Dial, L. A., Jordan, A. K., Varga, A. V., & Musher-Eizenman, D. R. (In Preparation). Parent mental health and feeding practices correlate with children’s disordered and picky eating in emerging adulthood: Findings from a cross-sectional study. Submit to Eating Disorders: The Journal of Treatment & Prevention. [I.F. = 2.013]

*Barnhart, W. R., Hoagland, K. C., & Borgogna, N. C. (In Preparation). Negative psychological correlates of frequency of use and enjoyment for diverse types of pornography: Exploratory analyses by sex and sexual orientation. Submit to International Journal of Sexual Health. [I.F. = 1.191]

*Barnhart, W. R., Jordan, A. K., Angoff, H. D., et al. (In Preparation). Adopting an intersectional approach to body image, disordered eating, and emotional eating among sexual minority women and men: A latent class analysis. Submit to International Journal of Eating Disorders. [I.F. = 3.668]

*Barnhart, W. R., *Jordan, A. K., Griffith, F. J., Angoff, H. D., & Hoag, J. E. (In Preparation): #lesbian, #instagay, and #bisexual: Content analysis of lesbian, gay, and bisexual Instagram communities. Submit to Journal of Homosexuality. [I.F. = 1.873]

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*Barnhart, W. R., Hoagland, K. C., Borgogna, N. C., & Grubbs, J. B. (In Preparation). Do factors that reinforce idealized male body image strengthen relationships between pornography use and body dissatisfaction, disordered eating, and negative mental health symptoms among gay and bisexual men? Submit to Archives of Sexual Behaviors. [I.F. = 3.131]

Buelow, M. T., Barnhart, W. R., Crook, T., Cayton, C., Runyon, M., Clark, R., & Suhr, J. (In Preparation). Does manipulating effort on cognitive tasks affect decision making on behavioral decision making tasks? Submit to Neuropsychology. [I.F. = 2.506]